The top master of Geisha massage
38 years old
Phone: +7(778)323-68-81
incall and outcall

Eyes color: Hazel Hair color: Brunette
Height: 162cm Breast size: 2 Weight: 52kg
Exclusive! Geisha massage - it is very delicate and sensual, relaxing massage. This modular massage with elements of Japanese shiatsu, Chinese classical and Tibetan Tao massage. Total relaxation.
Geisha translated as an artist. With a geisha, not only can not sleep, it is forbidden even to touch! Treat yourself to this novelty, felt the joy of loving and gentle touch. It's a source of healing and pleasure, feast your body! Want to take a dip in the sea of ​​sensual pleasures? Then call us! Waiting for you the secrets of a geisha, sensual massage creates an atmosphere of fun, joy, looseness and confidence. I will reveal to you the world unknown to you earlier, forcing to go to heaven and hell odnonovremenno. Adult services are performed, but I can bring to the summit of bliss, without making the traditional sexual intercourse. As well as Thai Yoga massage, foot massage (feet massage), anti-stress massage, stone massage (hot stones), etc.
1 hour 2 hours night
outcall 50$ ---$ ---$
incall 50$ ---$ ---$

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