Agreement about rendering of services

The present agreement regulates relations between the Company and the natural person (further “User”) in using of the site (further “Site”) that is served by the company Esquortes LLC (further “Company”).

The present agreement is a public offer of the Company.

The registration of the User on the site confirms his acceptance of this agreement.

The User accepting the present agreement:

  1. Confirms that he has familiarized with the conditions of the present agreement.
  2. Guarantees that he is over the age of 18 years.
  3. Confirms that the country from which they access the Site, is not a country where materials for adults are forbidden.
  4. Answers personally for the information and materials, published by him on the Site, for data security and their confidentiality, which are necessary for his authorization on the Site.
  5. Realizes that the Site has materials directed only to adult Users and will not allow persons under the age of 18 to gain admittance to the materials.
  6. Agrees to use the Site in accordance with the applicable laws currently in force in this field.
  7. Agrees not to publish insults, calumny, unquotable expressions, porno or other amoral materials; materials, which demonstrate and propagandize harshness, terror, violence; materials, which offend the personal dignity; as well as other materials, which are not corresponding with the law.
  8. Transfers the Company a sole right to reproduce, extend, translate and make over as well as to distribute materials added by the User on the site or transmitted by him to the Company with another method by cable, by wire or with the help of other similar means for the purposes of allowing others to have interactive access from any place and at any time to the materials, according to his choice (the right to notify).

The Company keeps the right of:

  1. Site modification at its discretion.
  2. Pay and free services rendering to Users (further “Services”).
  3. Making changes in the present agreement unilaterally.
  4. Changing the services, their payment and their period of validity; the User has the right to break the effect of a pay Service – in this case unexpended by the User cash assets will be returned to him at discretion of his Company. The transfer of means from one User to another is not provided.
  5. Materials editing or their deletion published by the User on Site if they are not corresponding with conditions of the agreement, do damage to the Company or deemed by the Company to be damaging to others.
  6. Using the personal data of the User as well as materials published by the User on Site and which are in free access particularly with a view to work out advertising materials, to put them on third party sites in partnership with the Company.
  7. Transferral of the right received from the User by the Agreement to the third persons for the purpose of fulfilling the Agreement without additional or separate User’s agreement.

The Company shall be held harmless for:

  1. Materials, content, their authenticity and exactness published by the Users.
  2. Damnification, loss of information or the infliction of other damages to any persons which evolved from use of services of the Site including the use of mobile communications and other means of telecommunications.
  3. Breach of copyright and other rights of the third persons by the User by means of materials publication inconsistent to current law (including copyright), added by the User on the Site or transferred to the Company in another way.